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The only objective metric is consistency


A great brand isn't just a beautiful one, it's a consistent one. We understand the importance of maintaining a cohesive brand identity across all touchpoints, from your website and social media to your print materials and customer interactions.

How we are helping our clients

Let's explore how our brand consistency frameworks, template design services, and ongoing support can help you build and maintain a strong, unified brand presence.


We develop comprehensive brand consistency frameworks that outline guidelines and best practices for maintaining a unified brand identity across all channels. From logo usage and color palettes to typography and tone of voice, our frameworks provide a roadmap for ensuring consistency in every aspect of your brand.

Template Design

We create custom-designed templates for your marketing materials, ensuring that every piece aligns with your brand identity while allowing for flexibility and customization. Whether it's business cards, brochures, email newsletters, or social media posts, our templates make it easy to create professional, on-brand collateral with minimal effort.

Branding Support

Our team of branding experts is here to provide ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain brand consistency over time. Whether you need advice on how to implement your brand guidelines effectively or assistance with updating your marketing materials, we're always just a phone call or email away.

Astrea Law - Brand design - Rebranding
Vastned Belgium - Brand identity support
Retail Point - Brand identity design & support
Astrea Law - Brand design - Rebranding

Client testimonial — Astrea Law

Open Up Media has been an invaluable partner in optimizing Astrea's brand. Their expertise in brand enhancement, combined with their ongoing support for our events and marketing efforts, has significantly elevated our presence. The team's attention to detail, responsiveness, and commitment to our brand's success make them an essential part of our journey.

— Rosita Moerkens (Operations Manager)